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I Hate Earning Income With Time!

You should live here

In my opinion, there are two ways earning income in the world. One is making money with time, the other is making money with ability, real ability, strength. I look down upon the first one, and admire the second one.

But the fact is most people in the world are earning their lives with time, not their own abilities. They work in companies, stores, plazas, factories, ect. The same thing is they are living using their time. They spend time on jobs, and then get salary, that's all.

I hate this kind of life. In my mind, life should be full of passion, adventure. We live with our own ability, so we can prove that we are living, not just like a body walk through the quiet street. This is the most awful thing that I can imagine.

I am always thinking we should create our lives, not just live our lives. We should make our lives more meaningful.

How can I do that? How can I create my life, not just live my life? I think the solution is running my own business. Although it will be very hard in the beginning, I will insist on it. I think I will succeed in the end. Then I can prove to the world that I exist, I can show the god my existence. How proud I will be then!

After I have created my life, I will donate myself to do philanthropy. I will help people who need help in the world. Helping others is my aim of living. I hope this aim will come true in the future.

God bless me.

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