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I Have No Idea What Most People Are Thinking

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What I can see is most people are struggling between life and dream, they quit their dreams because of their lives. They ever dreamed of traveling to Rome, they ever dreamed of owning a beautiful house, they ever dreamed of felling in love with someone. What a pity! Damn life!

Someone ever said to me “seize your life, young man” . I still remember it and follow his kind advice. He said “do not quit your dreams, let them come true even if you have to lose everything.” I will I promise. Life is a process of pain, someone says. Yeah, I agree. But I'd like to convert it to a process of happiness. Let happiness stay, and let pain go away.

I always say to others that I only live for today, I don't care about yesterday, and I don't worry about tomorrow. I just enjoy the wonderful things today. My life won't be very long, I know this, so why not live like a bird, without limitation, without pain?

I don't know what others are thinking. It seems to me they are so normal that all of their lives are about lives, without passion, without dreams. They work hard, then they produce children, then they raise them, then they die, that's all. What a pity. For me, I don't like such life. I don't! I am pursuing a different kind of life, different from most people's. I don't care whether others will understand me or not. I just go my way.

Walk, walk, walk…

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  • So, what kind of different life that you want to pursue?

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