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I Haven’t Called My Mom For 2 Months!

Call my mom

I studied in a university far from my family, after graduation, I chose to stay and work in the city where I studied in. So I can go home only once a year. I often miss my family. But the cruel thing is every time I call my mother, she just says “Is there anything wrong?”, I said “Everything is fine, mom”, she said “I am fine too. Well, I will hang the phone.” “OK”, I said. You see, a call is over. Too short? Yeah. You know I am not good at talking with my families, neither my mom.

You know, actually, sometimes I have a lot of things to talk to her, I want to tell her to put on more clothes since winter is coming, I want to talk about my life with her, I want to tell her I am planning to buy her a present this Spring Festival. But, you know, on ther phone, I can't say anything. I don't know why.

Sometimes I ask myself “why can't I talk more with my families? why can't we share more with each other?” I've no idea. Maybe it is determined by our personalities, can't be changed.

Anyhow, I still want to say “I miss you, mom!”

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