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I Like To Eat Grilling Chicken

Chicken is my favorite food, especially grilling chicken. I still remember when I was child, I often ate grilling chicken with my classmates on the way to school from home. You know, we were very naughty, we captured chicken, then killed them and burning them on the fire, then ate them. What a lovely memory!

Now I still like to to eat grilling chicken, it will be a perfect thing if the chicken are cooked by my mother, because they are more delicious than others. You know, my mother is good at cooking. Whatever she cooks, I like to eat. Alas, I haven't ate food my mother cooked for nearly one year!

I will go home soon, and I can enjoy delicious grilling chicken at that time. Oh, I can't help going home now!

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  • I’m a big fan of grilled chicken myself. My father was the grill king at our house!

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