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I Look Down Upon Current Education!


To tell the truth, I am not confident of current education. What on earth are they teaching us? Rubbish, absolute rubbish! Forgive me using bad words. In my pure mind, education should teach us how to live a meaningful life. But what now? Current education just teach us how to get a higher degree. After we get a bachelor degree, they tell us to get a master degree, and then, you can easily imagine the loop.

The point is most of us are not suitable to study, in other words, most of us are not good at study. We needn't waste our precious time on meaningless education. In my opinion, a bachelor degree is enough for most of us since we don't want to be experts.

What stuff they teach us in schools? My own experience, I got nothing from teachers in school but useless stuff. That's awful for me! Very awful!

You know, I am planning to run my own company, what I should now is how to run it successful.

I welcome they teach me some classic masterpieces. This will improve my life. But the truth is most teachers just read the books to students in the classroom. They do NOT have their OWN minds. They just like tools, softwares, not human beings.

Education should be full of passion, knowledge, minds and unique ideas. If a man has not his own mind, he is just a body, can't be called human. What are we human better than animals? Thought, we human being have our own thoughts. This is where we are different animals.

So, what's the mission of education? We should think about this question carefully.

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