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I Say NO To Current Education

Bad Education

Whether you admit it or not, our education is greatly abused, in other words, our education is trash now, it is ill, ill to die. Take college for example, we are accepted by some universities, we hope to learn great knowledge. But you know, what on earth are they teaching us? we just like products in a factory, schools are producing us, after we are produced, they send us to society and produce something else. For those who choose to be teachers, they begin to produce students just as their teachers produced them before. That's all the thing about education, useless, definitely trash!

If I have a child (now I remember I ever said I won't marry, don't care about it, I just suppose, OK?) , I won't let him/her go to school to bear trash education, I will teach him/her by myself. I think this will better for him/her. Will you agree with me?

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