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I See Them Beg

On the way to my work, there are many people begging everyday! And I find there are more and more beggars, this is a very dangerous phenomenon for our society. I want to know why they become beggars. They don't have enough money to feed themselves, they can't get payday loans, nobody cares about them, they become ghosts of this society. What a shame thing!

I can easily imagine how hard their lives are. They have to bear the cold weather everyday, and they have to face other's scold. They continue to live in this world with great courage, not give up their lives. This is a great courage!

Who can help them? Who can save them? The cruel truth is many people CAN help them, but they WON'T help them, they totally ignore their existence. They don't care about them!

I wonder how can a man become cold-blooded animal, can anyone give me an answer?

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