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I Still Love You, My Little Cat

CatMy cat John lost last night! That means he didn't come back home ! I've no idea where did he go. He just disappeared, absolutely disappeared, without noticing me. This is out of my mind. I can't accept such fact!!!

I found him in a street 4 years ago, he was very thin, hungry and dirty when I found him. I can still remember this. We live together for 4 years. We share our happiness with each other, we play together, even sleep together. I think we have built solid relationship. But he disappear in the end.

I can't help thinking that if we really belong to each other? or we only live for several years together and will depart in the end? Is this our fates? I've no idea.

What I'd like to say now is “John, I miss you so much! You know I still love you!”

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  • is that him in the picture? that’s too bad, i hope he’s ok.

    but i guess some cats really run away. maybe he’s like you…maybe he wants to be free and unattached too…

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