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I Want To Live All Kinds Of Lives In My Whole Life

Sometimes I wonder what if I am a beggar, a vagrant, or an emperor. I want to experience all kinds of life styles, a beggar's life, a vagrant's life, an emperor's life. My life must be colorful and rich if I have such experience. But I know others will regard me as a madman if I learn to live a beggar's life. You know, others' eyes can hurt you heavily.

I can't choose where to be born, and also I can't choose my parents. So my family will determine my life.

Alas! I still wish to live all kinds of life in my whole life, so I can feel what's love, what's hate, who's friend, who's enemy. God, will you please make me be poor for some times, then make me be rich for some times? I appreciate.

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