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I Was Happy When I Was Poor

I Was Happy When I Was Poor

If I tell you I always had happy days in my college life, I must lie to you. The truth is I did have some wonderful, comfortable time those days, but just some, not everyday. I miss these past days. Now these happy days come into my mind and make me smile. I remember I was poor, very poor, money in my pocket was not enough to let me enjoy life as others did. But I have my own style to enjoy my life. What was that?

Let me tell you. Beer was my best friend then I think. When something upseted me, I would buy a bottle of beer and some food like fried fish, then I ate them under the trees in my university. There was a large woods there. The time was evening, the moon was showing herself in the sky. I handed up the beer and cheers to the moon. You can't imagine how happy I was! I felt I was the only man in the world, quiet, clean and comfortable world. Wonderful days, I still remember.

I spent my poor money on a bottle of beer, but I got happiness, it was really worth. It will be kept in my memory forever I think.

I wonder how will my life be when I am not poor anymore? Will I can feel happy again like I felt in the past days? I've no idea.

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  • Really nice blog ^_^ … congrats. I’ll continue reading your posts. XOXO.

  • wonderful, congrats

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