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Idea and Action, Stop and Think

It's astounding how much time, money and trouble we could save ourselves if we just took time to think before we acted. Run possible scenarios in your mind. Weigh consequences. Ask yourself questions. Consider alternatives. Or just think it through. You'll be surprised at how often you'll overrule your initial rushed impulses and find a better way. Just by taking the time to think. Your mind is the most efficient tool you have. Use it.

It's not difficult for you to come up with a good idea, but it is difficult to let it come true. You are too exciting, so you take action immediately without thinking about it carefully, the result is you waste a lot of time and money, and you fail in the end.

So before you jump into action, why not stop and think, spend some time on making a good plan. This formula is applied to any field, whatever you are working for your boss, or you are running your own business.

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