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“If You Love Me, Say It Out!”

This morning I heard a girl shouted to a boy “if you love me, say it out!” loudly as if others were too deaf to hear her voice in the bus to my work place. I was shocked by her, but at the meantime, I admire her too. I admire her courage, she expressed her feeling and her love with strong courage. I can't say any bad words about her.

How about her boyfriend (I guess he is her boyfriend, not sure) ? He put his head into his neck, face looked as red as a mature apple. What a shame! He must think I suppose. “Cowboy, don't be shy” I said to him in my heart. I hope he could hear my voice from deep heart.

Yeah, why can't we express our feeling freely, just like the girl?

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  • brave girl ! she’s right, why can’t we say out loud how we feel ? why we should feel ashame about it ? If the guy didn’t say a word, she should find another boy friend that would say out loud with proud how much he loves her.

  • men like that are so boring, i just can’t figure out how they come to find a girl who accept to go out with them.

  • Maybe that guy doesn’t love her, that’s why he doesn’t say out and don’t want to embarrass her in front of people?

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