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I’ve Made A Decision!

As you know, I've decided to resign in the end. I have too much complain on my full time job. I don't want to complain again now, because I will leave it soon. Can you imagine how wonderful I feel? I feel quite good now, without pressure from job. I feel I am an eagle flying in the blue sky.

It's very hard for me to make such decision, because I am honest and thin-face, so it's hard for me to resign in contract period. But I don't care now. I have the right to resign, why not resign. I have to pursuing my own happiness and development. So why not leave the job that has no future?

I plan to leave the company on 28, May, because it is the day I came to this company last year. I've stayed in this company for a whole year. So there is a beginning and an end. Everything is perfect.

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