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Just Want To Pursue My Dream

Some of my friends and colleagues ask me “Dingchao, why do you resign?”, needless to say, they don't understand at all. Now let me explain. Firstly, I don't want to work in any companies if I have other choice. Secondly, I need to run my own business. I am not a simply guy like most people. I have my own mind, I need success, I need to create tons of money to help others. I need to that. I ever said that charity is one the most important things that I am planning to do, so I need tons of money to do that. Thirdly, I have ability to run my own business. Although you can't say I am a genius, I do have powerful ability. The most important thing is that I have many many dreams, I need to let them come true.

I don't care whether they understand me or not, I will do what I want to do. Nobody can stop me, nobody!

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