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Latest Dell Studio XPS 13 Laptop Review – Features, Specs and Price

Dell Studio XPS 13

Dell Studio XPS 13 is not for professional use, but it will be wonderful if you use it to deal with your daily tasks. It has very strong performance, relatively solid build quality and good wireless capabilities mean it's definitely worth a look, this is how it can be loved by so many people in such short time.

The Studio XPS 13 is the smaller, 13.3-inch sibling of the Studio XPS 16, it is very light and so very convenient to bring with you wherever you go, it is most popular among college students. It is a good choice to bring it to your classroom so you can take note easily.

Dell has shown us 4 reasons to choose Dell Studio XPS 13:

  • Premium design with genuine leather accents, anodized aluminum, “edge-to-edge” display and backlit keyboard
  • The latest Intel®  Core™2 Duo processors for blazing fast performance
  • Optional NVIDIA®  Hybrid SLI graphics deliver incredibly lifelike videos, movies and gaming
  • Automated hi-def up-conversion allows you to watch all your DVD movies in brilliant HD

These are very wonderful features we can get from Dell Studio XPS 13 laptop.

The better things are: Studio XPS 13 is designed to be quicker and more efficient than the XPS M1330. It uses a range of “performance optimised” P-series Core 2 Duo CPUs, instead of the T-series “performance” chips used in the M1330. P-series CPUs have the advantage of a faster 1066MHz front-side bus (versus 667MHz to 800MHz on the T series) and a lower thermal envelope, meaning potentially longer battery life. Our sample uses the most potent core components available on the Studio XPS 13 — a 2.53GHz Intel P9500 CPU with 6MB of L2 cache, alongside 4GB of 1066MHz DDR3 RAM. Thankfully, Dell offers the option for a 64-bit version of Vista so you can use 4GB RAM and above effectively. With such high configurations, it can process complicated tasks very fast and well, so you don't need to wait when you are using it for working.

The only drawback is I think its price is a little high, it starts from $1,099 (on Amazon), not everyone would like to pay that much money, even though it is really a quality laptop. It would be perfect if they cut down the price a little more.

So what do you think about Dell Studio XPS 13 Laptop?

If you want to learn more about Dell Studio XPS 13, you can find it on Amazon and eBay.

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