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Latest HP Mini 2140 Netbook Review – Video

HP Mini 2140

HP Mini 2140

Crazy people are talking about mini laptops, Mini is a very popular word these months, it is as hot as Obama. People love mini laptop just like people love mini skirt, convenient and kind of sexy. When talking about mini notebook, we must mention HP Mini 2140, which is all what I'm going to talking about on this review.

As a mini laptop, HP Mini 2140 could be a new generation, not only because of its unique, but also because of its cool touchpad, and much more. Let's find them out now!

Needless to say, HP Mini 2140 Notebook PC caters to the mobile professional. This is out of question, mobility is what mini means.

The main good parts of HP Mini 2140 are: Solid metal construction; full ExpressCard/54 slot; big keyboard.

The Mini 2140’s touchpad is very narrow, requiring more movement and backtracking than we would like. Also, HP retained the awkward vertical mouse buttons, which flank the touchpad. The touchpad has a button above it for turning it off completely and a dedicated scrolling bar, which was useful for moving through long Web pages.

The 10.1 inch wide-screen LED display has an unusual 1,024 by 576 native resolution, which is a few pixels shy of the 1,024 by 600 we typically see in netbooks.

Besides its big keyboard, the Mini 2140 has one major selling point that no other netbook currently offers: a full ExpressCard/54 slot. Lenovo's S10 has a half-size ExpressCard/34 slot, but there are fewer options for add-on peripherals in that size.

Another very cool feature about HP Mini 2140 is that its battery, which can be used for more than 7 hours!

HP Mini 2140 Main Specifications:

  • CPU: 1.6-GHz Intel Atom N270
  • Operating System: Windows XP Home
  • RAM/Expandable: 1GB/2GB
  • Hard Drive Size/Speed: 160GB/5,400 rpm
  • Display/Resolution: 10.1 inches/1024 x 576
  • Price: $449
  • (on Amazon)

Now let's watch a video about HP Mini 2140 netbook.

So what do you think about HP Mini 2140?

If you want to learn more about HP Mini 2140 Netbook, you can find it on Amazon and eBay.

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