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Latest Review on Toshiba PRO Satellite P505D-S8935 18.4-Inch Laptop

Toshiba PRO Satellite P505D-S8935 18.4-Inch Laptop

Today we happy to introduce Toshiba PRO Satellite P505D-S8935, which has been a bestseller on Amazon, more and more people are purchasing it, so I think I should share it with you guys today. Well, let's find out what's cool in this laptop together!

The Toshiba Satellite P505D-S8935 is a 18.4-inch notebook with an AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-74 2.2GHz processor, 4GB of DDR2 RAM, 400GB hard drive and Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium OS. It is also one of the best desktop replacements, so if you've tired of your desktop PC, you should replace it with this one.

With exceptional power, features and room, the Toshiba PRO Satellite P505D-S8935 is a portable alternative to a desktop computer, giving you the freedom to work and create, plus super-size your music, 3D games, photos, movies and more. All this courtesy of a dazzling 18.4-inch diagonal high-def display, discrete graphics and a luxurious sound system. They also make it easy to create your YouTube videos and share the sights and sounds of your life. Toshiba “Smart” Features like an innovative multitouch pad put your favorite entertainment right at your fingertips. What's more, a sophisticated design—including a high-gloss Black Onyx finish, edge-to-edge display, speaker grills and fullsize lighted keyboard—make this laptop a real eye-opener. So this Toshiba notebook is exactly what you guys are looking for.

As a perfect Toshiba desktop replacement, the Satellite P505D-S8935 comes with a lot of wonderful features, let's have a look.


  • Fusion Finish with Sonic Pattern in Black Onyx You'll look brilliant in black. This laptop features a brilliant high-gloss Fusion Finish with a Sonic pattern in Black Onyx. So it's sure to turn heads the moment you turn it on.
  • harman/kardon Speakers. Music to your ears. harman/kardon stereo speakers on the Satellite P505 laptop bring an added dimension to music, movies and gaming with rich, immersive virtual surround sound.
  • eSATA/USB Sleep-and-Charge Combo Port Back up. Use a high-speed external hard drive for backups or storage. And power your smart phone and other portables even when your machine is off, thanks to the advanced porting options on this Satellite laptop.
  • Enjoy total convenience at your fingertips. The laptop offers a touch pad with multitouch control, which gives you a whole new dimension of freedom and the ability to pinch, swipe, rotate or scroll through images on the display screen.
  • Hard Drive Impact Sensor. Sudden impact? You've got instant protection. The Satellite U505 comes with an impact sensor that helps safeguard your data by parking the hard drive heads in the event of a drop or sudden movement.

See? What a wonderful Toshiba laptop! What a wonderful list of cool features!

Price as Reviewed: $671.21 (on Amazon)

This is a very affordable price for such a cool desktop replacement, people are just super glad to accept it, this is another reason why it could be such a popular laptop.

So what do you think about the Toshiba PRO Satellite P505D-S8935 laptop?

If you want to learn more about the Toshiba PRO Satellite P505D-S8935 and get it, you can find it on Amazon and eBay.

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