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Latest Toshiba Satellite M500-ST6444 14-Inch Laptop Review

Toshiba Satellite M500-ST6444 14-Inch Laptop

Toshiba Satellite M500-ST6444 is a 14-inch laptop equipped with a 2.13GHz Intel® Core™ i3-330M Processor, 3GB DDR3 memory, 250GB hard drive. It sports a 14″ LED Backlit Screen Display, Intel® Integrated Graphics, 802.11n wireless, Integrated webcam, Premium Fusion® Finish. The laptop runs on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Operating System. Needless to say, such a configuration is good enough for our daily use, people are very satisfied with it.

As a well-configured 14″ laptop, the Toshiba Satellite M500-ST6444 is great for most people, you can use it to do anything you want, you'll have wonderful experience with it.

The Toshiba Satellite M500-ST6444 laptop comes with some cool features, let's have a look.


Intel® Core™ i3 processor
The new 2010 Intel® Core™ i3 mobile processor for laptops is the first level of Intel's new processor family, delivering the performance you need for smart multitasking and extended battery life.

DDR3 Memory
Enjoy even faster performance with speedy DDR3 memory on this model. This newer technology lets your laptop's memory run at 1066MHz, compared to 800MHz with standard DDR2 memory.

Built-In Webcam
Video-chat with friends and family around the world with a convenient built-in webcam and microphone.

LED Backlit Screen
With an LED backlit screen standard on this model, your laptop uses less power than those with standard LCD screens. That means it's easier on the environment, your battery AND your wallet!

Optional Touchscreen
Experience innovation first-hand with convenient touchscreen capabilities on this laptop. Browse, scroll, drag, rotate and zoom with just the tip of your finger.

Slot-Loading DVD Burner with Labelflash™
Say goodbye to bulky DVD trays with a sleek slot-loading drive. Share files and arrange all your discs—in a flash.

Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
Windows® 7 Home Premium makes it easy to create a home network and share all of your favorite photos, videos, and music.

Of course, these are just the main features this Toshiba M500 laptop offers, you'll find out more when you get the laptop.


  • 2.13GHz Intel® Core™ i3-330M Processor
  • 3GB DDR3 memory
  • 250GB hard drive
  • 14″ LED Backlit Screen Display
  • Intel® Integrated Graphics
  • 802.11n wireless
  • Integrated webcam
  • Premium Fusion® Finish
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

So what do you think about the Toshiba Satellite M500-ST6444 14-Inch Laptop?

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