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Learn Some Terminologies Every Day

It could be very interesting to learn some terminologies every day. Today I learn progesterone, I did some search and found its meaning was like this: Progesterone is one of the hormones in our bodies that stimulates and regulates various functions. Progesterone plays a role in maintaining pregnancy. The hormone is produced in the ovaries, the placenta (when a woman gets pregnant) and the adrenal glands. This is a medical terminology.

I'm also interested in internet terminologies, for instance, web 2.0, web 3.0, SNS, CMS, etc. Many of these are new terminologies, they are very strange to you at first, but when you spend some time to learn them, you will find they are very familiar and useful.

So, this is my plan, learn 2 to 3 terminologies every day.

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