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Learn To Listen

Don't merely pay ear service…carefully listen to what people are saying to you. Make
a conscious effort to hear and understand every word they speak. Resist the urge to
interrupt, and wait till the speaker has finished completely before responding. Don't
miss key parts of the message because you're thinking of something else, or prematurely
forming your response. And be sensitive to implied or hidden meanings behind the
words—that is, what the speaker is really trying to communicate. You'll be amazed at
how much more you'll learn and understand when you truly listen.

Most of us are eager to express ourselves to others, we talk too much, but listen too few. In fact, listening is a very beautiful thing. For me, I'd rather listen to others. When listening, you will find how others talk, and you can think it in a further way.

So I think you should learn to listen, you'd better know the importance of listening.

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