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Life Can NOT Be Copied

Copy Life

We envy his success and we want to copy it. We are dreaming of living a life like his, we plan to copy his life. This is one of the most stupid things that we are doing. Most of us haven't realized that life can't be copied!

Everyone's life is unique. I mean, everyone's success is unique, you can't copy other's success. You can only create success by your own hand. This is why I say NO when some of my friends ask me whether they can copy my life. If fact, there is no need to copy other's life, just live your life, it will be better if you really love. No matter how rich you are, or how poor you are, just try to love it, love your daily life.

I ever said that life is a feeling, so what you should do is feel your life with your deep heart, following your dreams and live a free life.

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