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Life In Hospital As A Patient

Sometimes I wonder what the life like in the hospital, I mean what would my life be like if I attacked by some kind of serious disease, then I had to lie in the bed wearing adult diaper, staring the white ceiling all days, nothing in my mind but fear. Actually, I've never been in hospital all my life, I'm just curious about this.

You know, sometimes I can't help thinking such things. When I am old, I mean, old enough to die, then maybe I will spend months' time in hospital in my left life, what will I think then? Today I watched a movie named The Bucket List, which is very impressive to me. This is why I will think like this. I highly recommend watch it too.

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  • I really liked The Bucket List as well. A great movie to inspire you to go out and live life to the fullest.

    I agree that hospitals can potentially be a scary place. I think it’s the potential combination of being in pain and suffering from loneliness at the same time, that greatly contributes to our collective fear of hospitals.

    Since the hospitals mission is to address the physical suffering, I think that the area of human interaction and combating loneliness is an area where much good work can be done.

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