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Life Is A Feeling

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— Dingchao, you know, sometimes I don't know what's the meaning of my life. I feel that I am only living for life itself, how useless!

— Don't worry, my friend, life is about feeling, if you can feel you are living, so you do have a wonderful life, that's enough. Do NOT pursue a meaningful life, forget it, just care about your feeling. If you feel good, it will be good, if you feel awful, it will be awful. Everything is like this.

— So do you mean no news is good news, no life is good life?

— Absolutely correct!

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  • Hi, Dingchao
    I just stumbled upon your site via Sitepoint and really liked reading some of your replies.

    The quote: “Do NOT pursue a meaningful life, forget it, just care about your feeling.”
    just made my day, or year even…

    Take care, see you around.
    Kind Regards from Norway

  • Dear HanTykje,
    Thank you for you liking to read my blog, I will try my best to write it better. Thanks again.

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