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Life Style Should Be Changed

I notice that more and more people like to play online casino and it seems that they are addicted to it. They spend all days on that, so they don't work. I mean they rely on fortune to live. This is their life style. The problem is, how long will things like this last? No one knows, maybe you can make a lot of money today, maybe you will lose all of them tomorrow. This is very possible. I don't think this is a good life style.

In my opinion, we should fight for life with our hands, we can't live on fortune all our lives, this is impossible. And I think we should always do legal things, let illegal things be away from us. Yeah, I can't say anything about your choice , but I just want to give my suggestion. I don't want you to be a loser. I have seen too many people lose their families and lives by doing that. I can't promise you won't be one of them.

So my suggestion is live with your hand, not anything else! What do you say, my dear reader?

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