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Many People Are Dying For Money

Dying For Money

I want to ask you a question, what's the meaning of your life? Think about it carefully then answer me. My answer is enjoying life. Yeah, we should enjoy our lives, not just live our lives. You may tell me, I have not enough money, how can I enjoy my life? This is true, most of us are not very rich. But do you think you can't enjoy your life without much money? You are wrong if you really think so, according to my own experience, I strongly felt happiness when the time I was poor. You know, a bottle of beer and some fried fish were my happiness at that time.

The truth is most of us believe that if we don't have a lot of money, we can't feel happy. So most of us are pursuing money in our whole lives. When we are old, we find we haven't enjoyed our lives. What a pity! We are dying for money! Our aim is living happy lives, but we leaving far from such lives. We go too far. Our steps become far from our original aim of life. How stupid we are!

As to me, I am always trying my best to enjoy my life. When I have $2, I will buy a bottle of beer and some fish and cheer to the moon, I can feel my life is so wonderful. I live for today, not for yesterday, not for tomorrow, just today. I think I won't regret for my life when I am old, because I have spent enough time on enjoy life.

You know, there are many such people, they have earned much money, but they don't spend some of them on enjoying life, instead, they pursue money for all their lives, they don't relax themselves, they are living under tremendous pressure all the day, and they even don't know what are lives. I say NO to such lives.

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