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Most Of Us Are Living Under Calm Despair


Someone said “most people live under calm despair”, I can't agree with him more.

The bad thing is we don't know we are living under despair, because  we believe what we are living is the true life, we believe we should live such life so we have no sense to change our lives, change them to be better. We are dead in our mind.

We were born, we are living, we will die, this is the route of our lives. Sometimes we also have  dreams, but we are seeking excuses to quit our dreams, when we have dreams, we feel excited, after we quit them, we feel despair. Such despair is too small to be felt.

Why not change my life to be better? Why not jump out of calm despair? I ask myself.

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  • calm despair, what an interesting phrase! it’s true that many people give up on their dreams and feel unsatisfied inside. that’s why i think one of the healthiest and most important things in life is the development of a passion, especially a passion that will take your mind away from money (or lack of).

    in response to your previous question, i belief that life is beautiful and yet it’s up to every individual to extricate meaning from it. i have a friend who subscribes to the same thinking that he (probably) doesn’t want to live after a certain age. I, on the other hand, think that giving a deadline on your life may automatically prevent you from the joys that you may attain from after age 75. After all, we don’t know what the world will be like even 10 years from now. I enjoy this conversation between us and will see you on the blogosphere soon!


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