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Most People Want To Be Perfect

Nowadays it is a fashion to be more beautiful. Many people take adventure to accept surgery to let them be pretty. I can't understand why so many people pay so much attention on their look, other than the quality of their lives. They'd prefer to spend thousands of money to let cosmetic dentists make their teeth better.

I couldn't believe it when my friend John told me that he spent $1000 on his teeth. The fact is I can't see any difference between them. What a waste!

And the cruel thing is most of us deem to be common, we are so common that we can only live normal lives. This is our fate. What's important is we should pay more attention on changing our lives, other than our looking. Remember one thing, no one can be perfect, so it is very stupid to pursue perfect thing. Pursue something that's worth pursuing is more important.

So I want ask “What's matter with we human?” Can you give an answer, my reader?

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