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Needn’t To Be A First-Class Man

I watched a movie named Great Expectations last night. The hero Pip was a guy from poor family, his parents were dead when he was a little child. He lived with his sister and his brother-in-law, Joe, a blacksmith and a good man. The hero Pip looked down upon poor life, he always wanted to be a first-class man, he liked to live a rich life. A possible fortune made his dream come true, he was told to inherited a lot of money. He was very excited and moved to London. He lived far from his relative, Joe. It seemed that his life changed totaly. But his dream failed in the end, he couldn't get the heritage. But he had learned to how to live a first-class life, he did tea business and earned a lot of money.  But I think he didn't live a very happy life.

I am thinking, did he need to live a first-class life? What is a real first-class life? Is wearing good looking clothes and saying gentleman words a first-class life? I don't think so. I believe whether a man noble or not depends on his heart, not his looking. It has nothing to do with what he wears or how he speak. A deeper way to judge a man is by judging how kind his heart is.

So I think Pip needn't to be a so called first-class man. What do you say?

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