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Newsmy and LightInTheBox brought you cellphone and MP3 player from China with only $1

Newsmy and LightInTheBox brought you cellphone and MP3 player from China with only $1Although we are now experiencing serious financial crisis, we still have many good news to go through the hard time. During such hard time, more and more producers and sellers begin to cut their prices and they even prepare some promotional plans so more and more people can affordable the products.

Good news from Newsmy is that Newsmy and LightInTheBox will come together to provide a special offer of One-Dollar-MP3-Player and One-Dollar-Cellphone this Christmas, aiming to attract more global customers to be aware of the superb quality-price-ratio of China-made consumer electronics products. As consumers, we can get great benefits from such promotion. Oh, do you know something about Newsmy and LightInTheBox? If not, let me explain, Newsmy is China-based leading consumer electronics brand with more than 500 Newsmy Specialty Stores in China. Its product lines ranges from digital AV, car electronics, mobile storage, communications, imaging, etc. Many people believe it has the potential to become China's Sony or Samsung.
LightInTheBox.com is a China-based leading value-adding global online distributer, serving both business customers and customers from more than 100 countries with more than 100 thousand products.

Here we are talking about Online Shopping, not offline shopping. I like online shopping, it is much safer and cheaper. You may have heard much about offline shopping accidents. Offline promotions are very good, but sometimes they can also go be out of control, and could be too crazy in extreme cases – stampede could happen. For example, a recent accident happened on Walmart Black-Friday sales this year in New York, where they offered a range of low-price product, including $1 MP3 Player, and caused stampede and one employee was killed. This is why I suggest you join such promotions online, using online shopping can avoid such unhappy things.

I think you'd better seize this precious chance to get some useful stuffs with cheapest prices. You can visit MP3 player promotion page for more information and benefits about what you want.

Wish you have a comfortable and exciting Christmas Day this year.

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