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No Discrimination, Please!

A Child You Can\'t ForgetLast night when I chatted with my sister from Vietnam, she told me she watched a video showing African children who were affected by HIV were treated unfairly, she said she was very angry about that and wanted to do something to help them. Yeah, I am very angry too! This is why I write this post. Now I think I must say something about that, I have to!

In my opinion, every single man in this world should have equal rights, no bias, no discrimination. But the cruel truth is quite different. I can't help thinking what's wrong with we human? Why can't we live together happily without any unfair treatment? Why can't we live together just like brothers and sisters? Are we human evil? If so, is there any difference between we human and other animals? What should we human be proud of?

I believe there are many kind men in this world, and they are eager to help others, I'm confident with these people, and I'm very glad to be a part of them.

I must do something for those children like my sister said, I will appeal others to take care of them on internet with my all ability, I hope we human will realize that we are families one day.

No discrimination anymore, please!

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