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No Need To Learn In School Anymore

I ever predict that normal schools will be in end in the quite near future, I mean, we won't need to go to school for study anymore. Because we can learn everything on internet. There are a lot of eLearning tools that we can use, so we can learn everything we want. What we need is staying at home and click mouse on our computers. Everything will be in our hands.

This is the power of internet. I think it will replace our normal life quite soon. You must have noticed that internet technology is developing very very fast these years. We couldn't expect our current live in 1997. I begin to use computer that year, I still remember we used DOS, not Windows at that time. Of course it is very hard to use. But now even kids can use computer for fun, for learning.

Another thing I want to predict is we won't need paper books anymore in the near future. We will use ebooks. I am sure this prediction will come true quite soon. What do you say?

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