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Olive Garden – Coupons for Olive Garden, Olive Garden Menu

Today when I got up and browse on internet, I found Olive Garden become a very hot keyword, more and more people are talking about Olive Garden. So what is Olive Garden? Why is it so popular in short time? I'm trying to find it out.

Olive Garden (Official website www.OliveGarden.com) is a chain of casual dining restaurants focused on providing a menu of Old World inspired Italian food in a family-friendly atmosphere. Olive Garden’s décor is designed to promote an ersatz Italian-American look—prominently featuring elements such as wine bottles, stucco walls, and displays of lush foliage. Music by Italian composers and singers is frequently played in the background.

Founded in 1982, Olive Garden currently has over 600 locations throughout the United States and Canada. All restaurants are owned by Darden Restaurants; there are no Olive Garden franchises. Darden Restaurants also owns Red Lobster, Bahamas Breeze, Smokey Bones BBQ and Grill, and Seasons 52.

Olive Garden serves fresh, high quality Italian food; the leading Italian restaurant in the casual dining industry. Olive Garden leads the Italian-dining segment (about 560 outlets); it is a part of Darden Corporation. Their foods are famous all over the world.

Olive Garden's Menus are very beautiful, there are all kinds of menus out there, for example, Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Beverage Menu and Dessert Menu. You can't help enjoying meal at Olive Garden after you see their menus. I believe this is why more and more people are talking about Olive Garden.

If you are like most people, you will be pleased to have dinner at Olive Garden. Oh, wait! You don't need to pay the full price, you can use Coupons for Olive Garden! Where to get Olive Garden Coupons? The best source for finding a coupon for Olive Garden restaurants is your local newspaper. Many Olive Garden restaurants run periodic advertisements with coupons for $3 to $5 off the price of your meal. Now Olive Garden website does not directly offer printable online coupons. So don't be too lazy to look over local newspaper if you do want to eat at Olive Garden.

OK, now maybe you should visit Olive Garden, then have a meal there and see how delicious their foods are. I totally believe you will like it soon, just like me. What do you say?

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  • you can print olive garden coupons at http://www.olivegardencoupons.net/

  • what i like about italian food is the tomato sauce and pasta**`

  • i just love to much italian foods because of italian spices and juicy sauces “

  • italian foods are very tasty and most of their recipes are heart friendly too “-*

  • I stumbled onto your site, i believe your website is awsome, keep posting.

  • I never been to Olive garden but I’m dying to go to see if it’s true what everyone says so much positive things about the restaurant.

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