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Play Banzai DVD Game?

I remember I ever told you that I was not a gamer, yeah, now I still want to say that again. But now I want to introduce Banzai Game to you, why? Because I believe you will love it. You know, nowadays most of young people like to play games, all kinds of games, like X-box, Wii, psp and others. Many of my friends like to play games too, they can even spend the whole day on playing online games.

Why I recommend Banzai DVD Game? I mean, is it worth recommending. Of course it is. So what is Banzai DVD Game? It is a betting game where people bet plastic sushi on outcome of bizarre Banzai stunts from hit TV show of same name. Laugh, gamble, and party as you bet on Squirrel Fishing, Mr. Shaking Hands Man and much, much more. It is great party game and a one-of-a-kind good time. So you may love it.

How to play it? It's quite simple, all players watch stunts from acclaimed Super Banzai Video Show, then bet on the outcome of stunt. To bet, players race to fill the betting bowl using only chopsticks. Bowls are filled with sushi. Whoever wins all the sushi, wins the game. The rest are rubbish. It's quite easy, right now? Ok, now you can try it by yourself.

For me, if I want to play this game, I think I will invite my college classmates to play it with me, I think it will be more interesting.

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