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Please Do Not Feel Strange If You See Contradictory Opinions In My Blog

You know everything is not static forever, so is my mind. I said X was right yesterday, I may say it is wrong today. But it doesn't mean I have no mind of my own, it just means my mind has changed today. Please don't judge anything using static view. Everything is changing every minute.

My mind changes quite often, I hated to listen to Lina's songs, but I may love them today. This is quite true. If something is static forever, it must be death.  Oh, I am not sure whether it is static, do you know? So I like a saying “Everything is possible”. So it is possible I love you today, it is also possible I won't love you tomorrow, so face the truth, face this changing world, face my changing blog, face the changing me.

I don't like to write long article, so this is the end of this one.

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