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Shopping Comparison

Nowadays when we shopping we would like to compare them before we decide to buy. I mean, we need shopping comparison. This is why site like DIGXA becomes popular.

Why do we need shopping comparison? Needless to say, buying a quality product is one of the main reasons, the price is another main reason. One phenomenon we must notice is some sellers like to ask much higher price. I hate this! I don't know whether the price she asks is high or not, so I have to compare it with others.

In my opinion, it is much better if every product has a certain price, sellers can't ask higher price than the certain price, so we don't need to bargain with them. I don't like to bargain.

Oh, I nearly forget one thing, someone does like to bargain. I am not one of them. What about you, my dear reader? Would you like to make comparison when you are shopping? Will you please share your opinion with me? You know, I do care about what you think. So leave a comment here and let's know more about each other, is that Okay?

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