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Should We Need Reason To Live?

I am always confused by the meaning of life, sometimes I can't help thinking what the meaning of my life is and why I live. I am bothered by such thinking. I am not sure whether we should find good reason to live, but I think I don't have enough reason to live.

Maybe we live just for living, not anything else. We just walk in certain circle, we began our walk when we were born, the walk will be end when we die. That's it, that's all about life.

Should we really need reason to live?

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  • We were born with a purpose and our lives can have meaning but many people just jump in the rat race and live for the material world and then die. Please search for a higher power and a higher truth. Your life will be much more fulfilling.

    My first suggestion for you is that you get a copy of the Bible and study the life of Jesus.

    I hope that this helps.

    By the way, I like the font that you use for your comments interface.

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