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Some Say Insurance Is More And More Important

Some say insurance is more and more important in such society, because we can't predict what will happen on us tomorrow, so we have to buy insurance to keep us safe. For personal use, we need personal insurance. If you are running a company, you need Commercial Insurance. In one word, they say you need insurance.

What a shame! One paradox I notice is that we have more and more so called insurance, but we have less safe. Why? Nobody can answer me this question. Just as someone said “we have more experts, but more problem” . What a thing!

Now I want to ask, what can give us more safe? Insurance itself? I don't think so, insurance is just money, not anything else. I don't think money can give us more safe. I believe only peace and flourish can keep us safe. This is the only thing I can imagine. The whole world's peace and flourish. If we live in such environment, there is no reason that we will have less safe. So what we have to do is trying our best to keep peace and create flourish.

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