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Some Songs Really Make Me Feel Despair

I like to listen to music, I think music is the most important creation in the world. I can't imagine a world without music. When enjoy music, I can relax myself from head to toe. I sink in music and the whole world is not existent for me. But sometimes when I listen to a kind of songs, they make me feel despair. Such songs are very good listening, but I always feel hopeless when listening to them, I feel everything is meaningless at the moment, I even think about die when I listen them. I don't know why. They just attack my deep heart. They are the sound from the sky, the sound from the heaven.

I can't imagine how powerful a song is. I do love some singers. They are not only angels, but also life supporters. On one hand, they are angels, because the do give me hope of life, but on the other hand, they are life terminators, because their songs sometimes can destroy my life. When I listen to their song, I want to die. I've no idea how  it happens. I just have that feeling.

Do you have such feeling when you listen to some kinds of songs?

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