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Sometimes I Feel Painful

I am always saying I am not a lucky guy like someone. I can say I am an unlucky guy. I don't want to tell you why I am unlucky now. I will tell you in future. Now you just need to know I am not very luck. You know, I feel painful sometimes, not only from my body, but also from my minds. For mind, I am painful because I am always full of thoughts, they make me very excited all the time. They give me continuous dreams but I can't let all them come true. I feel I have lost many things.

We all have hope. Hope is our life. We'll live like a body without hope. It promote us to study hard, work hard. I was a brave guy, I didn't ever say “failure” from my mouth. In my mind, all is about success. You know, life is not always as easy as you wish. I encountered many obstacles. To tell the truth, I have overcome most of them.

But I still feel painful sometimes when some wonderful ideas come into my mind but I have no ability to let them come true. I hope I will be more powerful in future so I can let most of my dreams come true. I will feel little pain then.

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