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Thanksgiving Day Ideas and Activities 2008

Thanksgiving Ideas 2008

According to Wikipedia, Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is a traditional North American holiday, which is a form of harvest festival. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

Thanksgiving day 2008 is coming soon! Needless to say, this is a very important festival in America, so we are happy to generate some good ideas for Thanksgiving day 2008. Here are some really cool Thanksgiving day ideas for 2008, let's enjoy.

3 Fun Family Thanksgiving Ideas:

Recipe books – Before Thanksgiving, write a list of each family member. Beside their name, make a note of their best dish. Call each member and ask for a copy of that recipe, plus one or two of their own favorites that they’d like to share. When you have all the recipes ready, compile them into a booklet and print them, using your computer and printer. (You can also use professional services, if you wish, to make a longer-lasting recipe book.) After your guests all arrive for your Thanksgiving dinner, give them each a copy of your special recipe book.

Mini family scrapbooks – Gather family pictures, if you don’t have many pictures, take them to a local copier and have extra prints made. Purchase mini scrapbooks at a scrapbook supply store, along with stickers, markers and various scrapbook supplies. Create miniature family scrapbooks, using one picture per page. Write what you are thankful for, in relation to each family member, on their designated pages. On Thanksgiving Day, give a copy of your mini family scrapbooks to each family member as a memento.

Thankful cards – Make a card for each family member that will be your guest for Thanksgiving this year. On each card, tell that person what you love most about them, and why you are thankful for them.

Thanksgiving Ideas for Decorating:

Bring the outdoors in this year for your Thanksgiving gathering. Using nature’s gifts, you can inexpensively and creatively spruce up your home for the holidays.

Find some lovely-colored leaves in a variety of shapes. Oaks, maples and other large-leafed trees are perfect specimens. On a piece of posterboard (12 inches by 18 inches) or heavy cardstock (fall colors work great for this, or even a light or dark brown depending on the rest of your decor), arrange the leaves in a haphazard way, then cover with clear contact paper to make a fall-themed placemat.

Make some fall-themed candle holders by taking a vase and filling it with gathered items, such as small acorns, pecans, or other nuts and seeds. Place a tealight (in a holder) in the middle to burn.

Add a splash of earthiness to your tablesettings. Tie your tableware in a rolled napkin with a bit of raffia, and tuck a sprig of a plant inside.

A favorite Thanksgiving idea for kids is bobbing for gizzards. Fill a large bucket full of water. Put in some apples, oranges and gizzards (and other turkey parts) and let the kids bob for them. It's fun for the whole family!

Thanksgiving Activities 2008

Productive Activities

  • Help the host clean the dishes
  • Tidy up the dining room, in preparation for enjoying dessert at a later time
  • Create scrapbook pages from family photos taken during the autumn
  • Take a photography walk — burn off the extra calories from your feast, yet pause long enough to capture the beauty of late autumn on film
  • Create winter clothing packages in a variety of sizes, to donate to your local charity or homeless shelter

Holiday Activities

  • Decorate your home for the holidays
  • Write your holiday cards — you can even ask your guests to help address the envelopes
  • Set up your Christmas Tree
  • Set up a nativity scene or Hanukah display
  • Plan your upcoming Christmas shopping
  • Create holiday gifts such as tree ornaments, jars of bath scrub, or stationery
  • Create unique note cards using the prints from your photography walk
  • Enjoy toasted marshmallows and some good conversation around a bonfire

Games & Physical Activities

  • Play a traditional board game like Life, Clue, or Monopoly
  • Play a trivia game like Trivial Pursuit or Scene It
  • Put together a jigsaw puzzle – this is a great activity for people who like to converse
  • Turn on the TV and catch up on the football games
  • Have a family football game (think of the Geller Family Football Game on “Friends”), softball game, street hockey game or half court basketball game, depending on your tastes and climates

Couch Potato-Like Activities

  • Enjoy a cup of hot cider, hot chocolate or coffee
  • Teach the youngsters a traditional craft that the Pilgrims practiced, such as darning, knitting or crocheting
  • Take a nap
  • Start planning your Christmas Dinner!

Using these ideas as a guideline for your 2008 Thanksgiving Day, I believe you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving day this year.

Now let's watching some interesting videos on Thanksgiving Day 2008:

Thanksgiving 2008 (Canada)

So what's your plan for Thanksgiving Day 2008? Why not share it with us?

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