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The Boring Thing Is…

After I resigned from the company, now I'm working as a freelancer. Yeah, as you know, now I'm totally free, free to do everything I'd like to do, but there is still a boring thing. That is, it is a little difficult to explain what I am doing. You know, every time when I meet my friends, they must ask “Dingchao, what kind of job are you doing?”, then I have to spend half an hour to describe my job. How boring it is!

I realize it is not as interesting as I expected before. I feel I'm too free. You know, maybe being too free is not a good thing too, you will feel bored quite soon. This is what I feel now.

You know, as a freelancer, I work at my home, and of course I stay at home all days, facing my computer all days.

Oh, no, I'm not saying I will give up my plan, I'm just complaining something, everything will be OK soon.

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