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The Day Before Resignation Submitted

I plan to submit my resignation tomorrow morning, so I feel a little excited now. You know, it means that I will get freedom quite soon. Get free from boring job is always a exciting thing that both you and me are expecting, I will get it soon, what about you? Are you still in deep water? Oh, poor guy!

I predict that I can't sleep as well as usual tonight, because I am too excited. You know, I can't sleep quite well when I feel excited with something. So now should calm down. But how can I calm down? It's hart to do that, you know, it a important day for me, so it is quite reasonable to be so excited.

Oh, cowboy! I say to myself, you still have a long way to go, your own business just only its beginning, don't laugh too early. So now I calm down, I think I will get good sleep as usual. God bless!

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