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The Death Of A Swan–A Poem

A swan dying for sky

Someone said “the death of a beautiful woman is the most poetic thing in the world”, I defenitely agree. And I also think the death of a pretty swan is a poetic thing, too. I ever saw a swan die, she spread her neck to the sky, singing a song that only I can understand, no pain, no sorrow, no struggle, but full of piece, full of dream. It seemed as if she was enjoying the death.

I was shocked and then I understand that she was expressing her dream, her love to the blue sky.

I couldn't sleep that night, I thought I must write something for her. So I write this poem, for her:

How many dreams flown,

How many time passed,

I wish I could seize flying wind,

I wish I could fly in the blue sky,


Time and time again,

The water is still flowing,

The sun is still rising,

Only me, a swan,

Just in my youth but going to die,

Die for the blue sky.

I pray a heaven waiting for me in another world,

So I can continue enjoy my life,

No pain, no struggle,

Only love, only mercy!

The end.

I hope that swan can hear I am singing for her, for her short life, for her dreams. If one day I am changed to be a swan, I also hope you will sing for me.

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  • great poem, moving and sad. by the way, why do you think you’ll die exactly at 75?

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