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The Death Of Beautiful Woman Is One Of The Most Poetic Things In The World

Someone ever said that the death of a beautiful woman is one of the most poetic things in the world. I quite agree. Just think about it, you admire and love a beautiful woman, Vivien Leigh, for example, but one day she died suddenly, what would you feel? You must feel great sorrow, your heart will be broken for her. Oh, what a beautiful thing! It's the most poetic thing as I can imagine! Maybe you will cry for her, even die for her.

The death is very strange, you can't wish it, you can't avoid it either. We feel sad for the death of a beautiful young woman, because she will disappear from our sights forever, but her shadow will often appear in your eyes. What a sad scene!

Poetic things are always full of pain, full of regret.

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