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The Development Of Our Society Is Promoted By Emotional People

— Dingchao, you ever said that the development of our society is promoted by emotional people, such opinion is very strange to me, can you explain it in detail?

— Yeah, I always believe it. The reason? You know rational people always have too many concerns when they need to take action, they think too much about the possible results. So most of them will quit the action in the end. Take revolution for example, from the ancient time, every revolution was advocated by those emotional people, they thought the society needed to be changed, so they took action to change it, they didn't think much about the result. The truth is what they did promoted the development of our society. They were the force of social development. Rational people always create excuses for unfair things, they force them to be reasonable in some kinds of ways, so they will never advocate revolution, so they can't promote the development of society.

— Sounds interesting. But how can you think like this?

— I myself am an emotional person.

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