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The Mission Of Our Society Is Putting Everyone To A Proper Position

Our Mission

Some of us were born in wrong time, living in wrong places, doing wrong work. This is the truth we are facing. What's happening on our society? Why can't we live lives as we wish? Why most of us don't like our jobs, even our lives? Whoever you are, whatever you do, you are exactly the man I am talking. I guess you are frowning and laughing loudly, aren't you? Well, here is a question I want to ask you, is this laugh really from your heart, your soul? I suppose not.

We live in this society, so they must be responsible to us. In my opinion, let everyone live in a proper position is the most important mission of our society. If we all live in proper position, we will enjoy our lives, so the whole world will be a prosperous world, full of smile, peace, happiness and love. Everyone loves his life, working with passion, travelling all over the world. Won't it be better than now? I believe this should be we human's lives.

But what we see now? Unfair, discrimination, hungry, disease, poor……

Let's wake up, we must do something to make our world be better!

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