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They Ask Me How Do I Know My Life Will Reach Its End In 2057

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Many of my readers are confusing to see the words that I wrote under my own picture, saying when I was born and when I will die. Of course I am not a prophet, I don't know when my life will be in its end. I don't know at all. But why do I wrote these words saying I will die in 2057? To tell the truth, I am not ready to tell you. Since you are eager to know, I have to explain.

In my opinion, the meaning of life is not determined by its length, it means if you are a playboy, doing nothing all your life, your life won't be useful and meaningful, despite how long you live. I mean if I am always trying my best to do everything useful to human, my life will be meaningful. So I give my life a length, the aim is forcing me to remember to live a happy, useful and meaningful life in my whole life.

It seems that I haven't touched the point, you just wonder how do I know my life will be in end in 2057, right? OK, I will tell you. As you can imagine, suicide is a good choice if you want to end your life. I don't mean I hate life, instead, I like it very much, I am full of hope, full of passion. I won't end my life randomly. But I think 75 years' life is long enough for me, I can do a lot of things in this period. When I reach 75 years old, I can't do useful anything anymore, so I'd better choose to end it, die in peace, this must be a wonderful thing as I can imagine.

What about you, my dear readers?

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  • Wishing you a long and healthy life!
    Hope I live to 75 too and get to see my grandchildren’s children too!

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