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They Kissed Each Other In The Broad Daylight!

Today I saw a girl and a boy kiss each other heavily at the bus station when I was in a bus to a park. To tell the truth, I was very shy to see that. I wished I haven't seen that. But the fact is, I did see. So I have something to say. You know, I am not an old fashioned man. Instead, I am very open-minded. But I still think it is not very suitable to kiss in the broad daylight. Such behavior will hurt someone's eyes, at least mine. Of course I am not jealous of them. It just remind me of two animals' behavior, without shame. I am sorry, but this is just my feeling, I don't mean to hurt you.

In my mind, if they are very eager to kiss each other, they'd better go to a place where others can see them. It's OK how heavily they kiss each other. So they can express their love freely,  they can exchange saliva freely, nobody will blame them. In such condition, their behavior is very reasonable and gentleman, what's more, it is a symbol of love, I will praise them.

You know, when we do something, we should care about others' feeling, this is a gentleman's behavior. I know you are a gentleman.

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