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They Wear Fewer And Fewer Clothes

I don't know whether it is a fashion or not, but one phenomenon I have to notice is girls begin to wear fewer and fewer clothes, I mean more and more of their bodies begin to be naked. I don't know whether I am old-minded or not, but I can't quite understand such phenomenon. I don't mean it is a bad thing, I just say I can't understand it.

Anyway, maybe it is a progress of our society. Nobody can say it is too bad. I can't help thinking, fashion belongs to women. You know, Lingerie is fashion, but it is for woman. Some say woman is the greatest creation of god. I may agree with that.

Another thing we have to notice is that women consume much more than men, I mean it is easy to let women spend money, I also mean, earn money from women is the most profit thing in the world from the ancient time.

What's your opinion, my dear reader? Why not share your opinion here? Let's talk together. If you are a girl, will you please share your shopping experience with us? Thanks very much!

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