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Time To Be A Freelancer

One great thing I know is that I will be a freelancer next month! I submitted my resignation to my boss yesterday, it means that I run away next month. This is one of my biggest dreams this year. Now it will come true, I nearly can't believe it! How amazing!

I will begin my business full time. Now I need to search some small business web hosting providers to host my websites, preparing for my next expanding business. I think concentric.com maybe a good choice for me, but I am not sure whether I will use it, I have to compare it with others. You know, there are more and more quality web hosting providers, so I have to compare them carefully before I decide to buy one of them.

I hope my business will achieve great progress when I begin to treat it as a full time job. I will happy at that time. Both god and me will bless it!

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